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PPPSW-Online is a free web frontend to various Polar heart rate monitor files. It presents incredible data analysis graphs and it's user interface comes close to Polars own Windows-only software. In addition several new graphs are included. On top of this PPPSW-Online allows to manage your training plans as well. The following heart-rate related files are currently supported:
The *hrm and *pdd files are created by Polars Windows-only software. PPPSW-Online works best with this combination. Support for *ppd and *srd files is currently in it's first steps and will be enhanced on request.


Test drive

It's easier to find out if this free software is what you were looking for. So there's a read-only test drive on the author's site. Please don't expect high speed response times and the site may be down from time to time. Test drive PPPSW-Online here.


Calendar: The starting point of PPPSW-Online. It shows the current month along with several information on daily, weekly and monthly base.
Distance: Did you eat up more distance during your training? The sum of your past exercise distance (3 months) on a weekly base is shown here.
Distribution: Did your heartrate become better? Shows the heartrates of your past exercises (3 months) on a weekly base.
Economy: How did you perform? This graph shows this for your past exercises (3 months). Distance per heartbeat - nothing is better to show your increased performance.
Exercises: The count of exercises of the last 3 months, shown on a weekly base.
HF Rates: How many time did you spend in what heartframe? Shown for the past 3 months on a weekly base.
Length: How many time did you spend for your exercise in the last 3 months? Shown on a weekly base.
Overview: Shows all days and it's daily summary reports in a big sortable table (vs. 0.42 and above)
Pace: What was your average pace? Again shown for the last three months on a weekly base.
Sporttypes: For those users that do mixed sporttypes this report shows the time you spent per sporttype (vs 0.44 and above).
Plan: This is your exercise plan. It shows a complete month along with your planned exercises.
Daily details and exercise selection: If you select the exercise symbol  shown on a day, a new window will come up. It starts with a daily view and a sum of all your exercises that day. With the exercise selection pane you can navigate to every individual exercise.
Exercise detail: This overview presents summary data of the selected exercise.
HR: This graph shows the heart rate
HR vs. Speed: This graph shows your heart rate along with the speed for the selected exercise.
Altitude: If altitude data is available in your data sets, this graph will present a graphical representation of the altitude during the selected exercise.
Distribution: Same as above. But this time the heartrates for the selected exercise are shown.
Economy: Again as above. Shows distance per heartbeat for the selected exercise.
HF Rates: This is the same as above. This graph shows your heartframes for the selected exercise.
Laps: This listing shows you lap information (if available in the data set).
Sample data: This listing shows the samples (if available in the data set).
Scatterogram: Very fancy. This graph just shows your heartrates.
Zone summary: Some heart rate monitors allow to preset exercise zones. If this data is available you'll see your selected exercise along with the zones the exercise should have been happened in.
Create/edit plans: If you select the exercise plan symbol  shown on a day, a new window will pop up. You'll see all planned exercises for that day. Here you can enter new exercise plans or even modify existing ones.
Search and Compare (vs 0.44 and above)
BMI calculator (vs 0.27 and above)
Lap calculator (vs 0.27 and above)
PR calculator (vs 0.29 and above)
Unit converter (vs 0.34 and above)


PPPSW-Online is written in Perl entirely. So it will run on almost every Operating System Platform where Perl is available for. The incredible graphs of PPPSW-Online require several Perl modules available on CPAN:
Most of these Perl modules may already exist on your system because they are part of several Perl distributions. Read the INSTALL file to learn how to install those required CPAN modules.

PPPSW-Online needs a Web Server to run.


There's a download section on PPPSW-Online's project page. You'll find the latest releases there.


Additional modules, a lot of bug testing, feature requests and help came from the following contributors (in alphabetical order):

Help needed

If you are interested to help the developers you'll find several areas with enough room for improvement. For example:


There's a forum and a bug tracking system on PPPSW-Online's project page. Feature requests are always welcome. If you think you've found a bug or you just need help, don't mind to ask or report.



PPPSW-Online is open source. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

PPPSW-Online is created by Harald Wilhelm. PPPSW-Online is hosted on SourceForge.net Logo